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Exploring Raw Materials

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Exploring Raw Materials is a class is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various raw materials used in ceramic art production. By delving into the world of ceramic materials, students will gain insights into their properties, origins, preparation methods, and their impact on the final ceramic artwork. Course Objectives: Familiarize students with the raw materials commonly used in ceramic production, including clay, glazes, stains, and oxides. Understand the properties and characteristics of different types of clay, including their plasticity, firing temperature, color, and texture. Explore the geological origins and processing techniques of clay and other raw materials. Learn about the chemical composition of glazes, stains, and oxides, and their role in achieving desired colors, textures, and surface effects. Examine the interplay between raw materials, firing techniques, and kiln atmosphere in determining the final appearance of ceramic artworks. Gain practical knowledge of sourcing, storing, and preparing raw materials for ceramic production. Develop an understanding of health and safety considerations when handling raw materials and working in a ceramic studio environment. Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, a basic understanding of ceramic art processes and terminology would be beneficial.

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