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Ripples of Reflection// The hand and Beetlefish 

ripplesofreflection.hands copy.jpeg


My hands are my tools helping me to translate the abstract threads of my thoughts into the physical world. Unable to hold still, my hands are always moving, living in a state of constant change, developing and refining both new and old skills. When my hands are moving, I feel as if my mind has hushed, and I can drift into the zone. 


Where sand and water meet ripples form, stuck between two directions, I feel torn but determined to find my place where I can rest between both worlds. Divided into equal parts, both creatures can thrive in their respective environments. As I struggle to find a deeper meaning to my making, I set back and begin to look at the bigger picture. Analyzing the situations and circumstances in which I have been creating attempts to look at it from a different perspective.

Ripples of Reflection|The hand, Litho, 2019  7 1/2" x 9 3/4" 


Ripples of Reflection, 2019 




This work is a reflection of my shift in my creative process as a ceramic artist. My body of work in ceramics primarily consists of multiples in functional ware. After a series of eye-opening critiques and questioning myself about my work and artistic practice, I decided to shift my work. Attempting to push the focus of my work towards something that felt a little more sculptural. These two lithographic prints allowed me to process this on-going transition within my ceramic work. 

Ripples of Reflection| Beetlefish , Litho, 2019  6" x 12"

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