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stack // 2020 



Being outside of my typical studio environment, I wanted to employ elements, such as natural light sources, that could interact and emphasize the vessel. While sculpting outdoors, the vessel experienced combinations of sunlight, wind, and rain. The temporary cast shadows projected onto the surface and beams of light channeled through small openings and gaps. To slow down the drying process, I hung one of my favorite blankets slightly behind the form to block and diffuse the harsh and direct light of the midday sun. After I put up the blanket, I began to think of it as an extension of this studio space, making it feel more established, creating an environment and atmosphere for both vessels to live in and for me to work. As the breeze would come and go throughout the day, I couldn't help but notice how the fabric would hug, cling, and dance its way around the form. The way clothing does along the curves of the feminine form even more so when damped by the drops of water. Wanting to expose the light from within, I placed the stack over a pit of fire, channeling the smoke and flames. 

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