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TRACES// 2020 


Inspired by the memory of place, these works are mimetic reflections of the textures and structures within the desert landscape. My memory of place is grounded to the desert by its sedimentary composition and formations that pattern the land. Working in clay allows me to intuitively create, imitating elements from the desert that helped shape my identity. The repetition of arches, cracks, and ripples creates a reflective process. Reliant on the comparison and contrast of the desert environment and man-made dwellings. Arches in the landscape carved by erosion are like entryways, hearths, and windows. Patterned cracks in beds of what was once mud now starved for moisture, like my hands after working in clay. Ripple marks are reflective of movement and change of an ever evolving landscape and memory. These sculptures are TRACES of my memory from my life in the desert.

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