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Through clay, I mold the essence of the desert, capturing its raw beauty and captivating essence. Inspired by its motifs, textures, and colors, my functional and sculptural pottery reflects the delicate balance between chaos and control.

Pink Concrete


About Me.

My journey with ceramics began during my junior year in high school in southern Utah. The moment I first touched clay, everything changed. It was as if the medium spoke to me, and I knew from that point on that my life would revolve around its transformative power.

After graduating, I made the decision to take a gap year and fulfill my long-standing dream of traveling through Europe. My fascination with my mother's keepsakes from her own travels inspired me, and I yearned to create my own treasured memories. The first country I visited was Denmark, and it instantly felt like home. The connection I felt to the surroundings and the culture fueled my interest in Nordic traditions. It became clear to me that I wanted to pursue higher education in ceramics and Nordic studies, allowing me to build a life centered around my passions and sense of self.

In 2015, I enrolled at the Community College of Denver, embarking on my academic journey. Concurrently, I established my own ceramic studio to further develop my skills outside of the classroom. During my time at CCD, I had the privilege of studying under Charles (Chuck) Parson, a drawing and painting instructor whose influence continues to shape my artistry.

Transferring to the University of Boulder, Colorado in 2017 was a pivotal step in my pursuit of ceramic arts and Nordic culture. Under the guidance of esteemed artists Jeanne Quinn and Scott Chamberlin, I delved deeper into my craft and grew immensely as an artist.

During the spring semester of 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad at Uppsala University, immersing myself in Swedish culture and language. It was during this transformative experience that Sweden truly became my second home. Returning to Colorado after six months abroad was challenging as I felt a void in my life.

Fortunately, the start of the fall semester in 2019 brought renewed joy. Reconnecting with the studio and feeling the clay beneath my fingers after an eight-month hiatus brought a sense of fulfillment. Soon after, I began working as an assistant for the talented Boulder potter, Willi Eggerman. Over the course of three years, Willi became my mentor, providing invaluable guidance and a nurturing environment for my growth and development.

I am immensely grateful for the bonds I have formed, the knowledge I have gained, and the artistic journey that continues to unfold before me. With each passing day, I strive to push the boundaries of my ceramic artistry, allowing it to shape my identity and leave a lasting impact on those who encounter my creations


Artist Statement

My work as a functional and sculptural potter is a reflection of my deep connection to the raw beauty of the desert landscape. Inspired by desert motifs, textures, and color palettes, I use clay as a versatile medium to explore a wide range of forms and textures, allowing my creative process to flow organically. The desert, which has had a profound impact on me since childhood, continually inspires me with its captivating essence.

Within my artistic practice, I embrace various bodies or collections of work that serve as vessels for my ever-evolving stream of ideas. Currently, I am exploring arches, squares, bursting shapes, and x's, both in form and patterning, to reference and symbolize the desert I grew up in. Through the use of CAD software, I model architectural elements that are then translated into clay, enabling me to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns, such as checkered surfaces reminiscent of the built environment.

In my exploration of place and material, I investigate how these factors shape selfhood. I am intrigued by the interplay of physical and human characteristics, examining the natural environment alongside the built environment. The arch-like structures and motifs in my work serve as metaphors for the desert's influence on my personal identity. The use of geometric shapes and patterning, particularly the square, represents the balance between chaos and control that can be found in both environments.

Working with ceramics allows me to delve into the delicate equilibrium between chaos and control, both within myself and in the external world. The ceramic medium provides a tangible platform for exploring the dynamic relationship between form, material, and selfhood. It is through this process that I seek to deepen my understanding of the intricate connections between place, material, and personal identity.


Overall, my artistic journey is driven by a fascination with the desert's textures, color palette, and profound impact. By incorporating desert-inspired motifs and utilizing clay as my medium, I aim to explore the balance between chaos and control, both internally and externally. Through my creations, I invite viewers to contemplate the interplay of natural and built environments and its influence on selfhood.

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