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Pink Concrete



"I am interested in investigating how place and material form selfhood—looking at the physical and human characteristics such as the natural environment and the built environment." 


My work as a functional and sculptural potter is a reflection of my deep connection to the raw beauty of the desert landscape. Inspired by desert motifs, textures, and color palettes, I use clay as a versatile medium to explore a wide range of forms and textures, allowing my creative process to flow organically. The desert, which has had a profound impact on me since childhood, continually inspires me with its captivating essence.

Within my artistic practice, I embrace various bodies or collections of work that serve as vessels for my ever-evolving stream of ideas. Currently, I am exploring arches, squares, bursting shapes, and x's, both in form and patterning, to reference and symbolize the desert I grew up in. Through the use of CAD software, I model architectural elements that are then translated into clay, enabling me to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns, such as checkered surfaces reminiscent of the built environment.

In my exploration of place and material, I investigate how these factors shape selfhood. I am intrigued by the interplay of physical and human characteristics, examining the natural environment alongside the built environment. The arch-like structures and motifs in my work serve as metaphors for the desert's influence on my personal identity. The use of geometric shapes and patterning, particularly the square, represents the balance between chaos and control that can be found in both environments.

Working with ceramics allows me to delve into the delicate equilibrium between chaos and control, both within myself and in the external world. The ceramic medium provides a tangible platform for exploring the dynamic relationship between form, material, and selfhood. It is through this process that I seek to deepen my understanding of the intricate connections between place, material, and personal identity.


Overall, my artistic journey is driven by a fascination with the desert's textures, color palette, and profound impact. By incorporating desert-inspired motifs and utilizing clay as my medium, I aim to explore the balance between chaos and control, both internally and externally. Through my creations, I invite viewers to contemplate the interplay of natural and built environments and its influence on selfhood.

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