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(C)o(U)(P)le of thoughts

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Being in isolation has allowed my thoughts to overflow....much like the sourdough starter I made, there is way too much of it. While cups don't necessarily have so much to do with bread and bread making, it got me to think about domestic and or handicraft skills that help sustain or improve day to day life. Taking those skills and building out into a routine, transitioning into a craft that can evolve into a high level of art forms. Things usually form and develop out of necessity.

A cup is a simple vessel that can serve so many different purposes. For me, a simple cup form is a jumping-off point, waiting to be altered by a function, intention, or expression. When packing up my studio to bring home, I also brought tar paper. To cut out my tar paper template, I took my digital form and unrolled, split it into sections that could fit onto standard-sized printer paper and printed my pattern. Since I plan on using tar paper and clay, I don't have a use for tabs.

Once I have cut out my paper templates to make my tar paper templates and assembled all of the clay panels of the cup form. I plan to take the cup and document my thoughts or events from that day by carving into the outside surface.....

the next day...

As I started assembling I realized...this is not exactly a cup size anymore. ha

I think something my have gotten a little out of hand when I was converting my rhino file into a pdf file

I then modified the rim and carved my thoughts about craft, the vessel, freedom of expression, making, the human touch, and isolation. When every day feels identical, moving my hands and being able to create. Throughout this crazy time, I remind myself that no matter what, as long as I keep creating, my cup will be half full.

With that philosophy was thinking about what materials I have available to me. I found some sheets of holographic vinyl and decided it would be the perfect material to play with and attempt to make the same form, only on a smaller scale...

I again printed out the pattern on printer paper and used it as my template to cut the vinyl. I've never worked with or handled plastic before, so I decided to keep the backing on to prevent it from turning into a ball of tape. Once I taped all the outside edges together, I removed the vinyl backing and replaced it with a little plastic bag so that the form had something to stick to. Thinking of vessels and how I usually construct them in clay and the process they go through. I decided to take this little baby and see if I could melt it a little bit with my heat gun.

I didn't use tar paper on this one, but it sure does make a huge difference in that it's its reusable and can help shape the form. However, with this one, I took the approach of completely erasing the digital aspect.

The layout of this form also felt so much like a sewing patter so I couldn't resist making a jean one as well.

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